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Our Expert New Lawns Installation

Discover the art of crafting nature’s carpets with Nelco Excavating’s expert new lawn installation. For more than 15 years, we’ve been at the forefront of the industry, bringing life to lawns and creating outdoor masterpieces in Northeast Ohio, and surrounding areas.

Turning Your Lawn Dreams into Reality

At Nelco Excavating, we understand that a well-crafted lawn is not just a patch of grass; it’s a canvas that reflects your taste and lifestyle. Our new lawn installation services are designed to bring your vision to life, creating a natural extension of your living space.

Comprehensive Services for Your New Lawn

  • Site Assessment and Preparation: Our team begins by conducting a thorough analysis of your property’s soil, drainage, and sunlight conditions. This assessment allows us to tailor our approach to your lawn’s unique needs. We then meticulously prepare the area, ensuring proper grading and soil compaction for optimal growth.
  • Sod Installation: We source premium-grade sod that suits the climate and conditions of Northeast Ohio. Our experts lay the sod with precision, ensuring seamless coverage and minimal gaps. This approach guarantees a dense, healthy, and uniform lawn that’s ready to thrive.
  • Hydroseeding: For clients looking for a more cost-effective option that still yields excellent results, we offer hydroseeding. This method involves spraying a mixture of grass seed, mulch, and other beneficial additives onto the prepared soil. Hydroseeding promotes rapid growth, strong root development, and even coverage.
  • Irrigation System Installation: A vital component of any successful new lawn is a well-designed irrigation system. We expertly install irrigation systems that ensure your lawn receives the right amount of water at the right times, promoting healthy growth while conserving water.
  • Lawn Care Guidelines: Your new lawn’s journey doesn’t end with installation. We provide you with comprehensive care guidelines tailored to your lawn’s specific needs. From mowing heights to watering schedules, we empower you to maintain your lawn’s lushness and vibrancy.